Security: create a lock screen on your smartphone

With the constant increase in the number of cases of cyber attacks and invasion of devices, especially smartphones, using a form of screen lock on the device becomes even more important. This practice can help users to keep personal data protected.

Importance of having a lock screen

When a smartphone is stolen or lost, the chances of confidential information about the owner of the device, such as personal or bank details, falling into the wrong hands are very high.

A lock screen makes it more difficult for the criminal to access the information stored on the device and, therefore, it can be an efficient measure to avoid going through disorders, often irreparable.

“By making access to the device difficult, the victim gains time to realize that he does not have his cell phone and to completely block access to the operator

Below, check out some existing screen lock options and how to configure them on your smartphone to keep you protected from cybercrime:

Common passwords

• Standard: it is usually a standard drawing connecting points in a 3 × 3 grid. The design is chosen by the user and it is not possible to repeat the points;

• PIN: consists of a numeric password with at least four digits;

• Password: this option is an alphanumeric password, combining letters, numbers and special characters. It must be at least four characters long, including at least one letter.


 Fingerprints: this option is already common on several smartphone models. It consists of a fingerprint sensor that recognizes the registered fingers and makes the unlock;

• Facial recognition: as well as digital ones, it is possible to register your own face so that the device can recognize and unlock it;

• Iris: in this option, the unblocking is done by recognizing the iris (eye);

• Intelligent reading: a new option, combining facial and iris recognition to improve the accuracy and safety of the device.

“Screen lock options have been improved while smartphones have also received performance and storage updates. Over the years, more secure blocks that make access by malicious people more difficult have gained space and have been well accepted in the scope of technology ”, concludes the researcher.

In addition to this solution, it is also recommended to have a security solution on all devices used, whether for leisure or for work, and to keep operating systems always up to date, in order to avoid being the victim of various types of cyber attacks.

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