August 5, 2020
Office 365

Login to OFFICE 365 (Step by Step Guide) 2020

We could assure that practically everyone knows one of the most popular office suites on the market, on the internet and the most widely used in the world, that is, we are talking about Microsoft Office .

This type of package is one of the most practical tools for creating any type of document, from an Excel spreadsheet , wordings in Word , school or business presentations in PowerPoint, to managing a personal information manager and email like Outlook.

It is easy to think that a set of tools like these on our computer that have worked so well for a long time cannot improve further, but the truth is that although at the functional level they do not seem to present any problems, in matters such as accessibility, optimization and the scalability of the service have left the door open for improvement and Microsoft has known how to carry out this task.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 a revolutionized Microsoft suite that was launched in 2011 and today is presented as one of the best package options for the business environment. This kind of office automation was developed taking into account the work activities of any element of a company regarding document handling.

That is, through Office 360 ​​you can create, edit, share and access documents like any normal Windows suite but with the great difference of being able to do all this in real time and from any device, with internet access, with which Let’s count at that time either mobile or desktop.

Login to OFFICE 365 (Step by Step Guide) 2020

A working system that is possible thanks to the fact that all the documents or files created can be stored in the “cloud” so that several people can work on the same document or project at the same time anywhere in the world.

Features and Benefits of Office 365

The Office 365 suite is incorporated with a series of additional applications and services compared to conventional Microsoft parcels, receives a series of updates monthly, can be installed on any computer or mobile device (a maximum of 5 computers) and has a Large OneDrive cloud storage capacity of up to 1TB.

It also offers various usage plans, for example a home, business, school plan, etc., and many other advantages that you can enjoy for a monthly subscription to the service, another difference that Office 365 has with respect to the conventional office automation of Microsoft where you acquire the program through a single purchase.

office 365 features

How to sign in to Office 365

We know that in most of the times the steps to follow for the installation of any application or program can be intuitive, but for some users this does not always turn out to be the case. That is why below we describe step by step the instructions you must follow to log in to Office 365 in the simplest way.

Login from computer

To log in through the PC you only need to have an internet connection and enter the official Microsoft Office page through the browser of your choice , by typing the following link in the search bar: com.

Once you are on the main page, go to the center of the screen and click on the “log in” option located on the right side. When you do this, a login form will automatically appear to enter Microsoft accounts where you must enter an email address, the number of your mobile device or a Skype account that you have linked to your profile and click “next” ”

Immediately you will see a box which you must fill in with your password respecting the upper or lower case letters that are in your access code and followed by clicking on the “start session” button.

Finally, the browser will ask you if you want to keep your session active to avoid repeating the same login procedure, an option which you can accept or reject according to your preference, comfort or security.

Login to OFFICE 365 (Step by Step Guide) 2020

Login from Android or iOS devices

There is strictly no single platform for our mobile devices from which we can access all the applications that make up the Office 365 suite, on the contrary, all the programs are distributed in different programs that carry out the different functions of the package of Microsoft.

Applications for managing Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools for the operating systems of Android and IOS mobile devices are available in their respective online stores, App Store and Google Play Store where they can be downloaded directly for free.

In a process similar to the one we carry out to log in from our computer, we will enter Office from our mobile devices through the applications mentioned above , only by opening the application, typing our email address followed by our password, and clicking on the option “login”.

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