August 5, 2020

How to watch Netflix on PlayStation and Xbox consoles

Nowadays, most people who have a television at home have one that probably incorporates different smart functions as well as technological innovation.

This class or equipment comes with different features including internet browsing through Wi-Fi , home theater applications, input for external storage devices, music equipment, download of different multimedia content, etc. A whole repertoire of functions that position consoles as one of the most complete teams after computers.

Do you want to watch Netflix from your console? We explain how (step by step)

Coupled with this, there is an increasing trend, for those who have any type of high-end console (PlayStation or Xbox), to a decrease in the use of DVD players, where their usefulness has decreased considerably.

For this sector of users in particular, this kind of equipment seems to be somewhat old-fashioned, since it is more common to find a console that, in addition to offering you fun through its huge list of games, gives you the option of enjoying different multimedia content.

Among the applications that can be considered as a perfect complement to entertainment on consoles, is the popular Netflix platform . One of the most used tools today that allows you to access practical way to different content like movies , series and documentaries, by a transmission type streaming through your console.

We know that it is not so easy to acquire a console these days due to the costs they handle, but if you are one of the lucky ones who have one of these you can enjoy multiple functions through a single device.

Therefore, you should know that one of the advantages that your team has is that of being able to play movies through the Netflix platform. You can also enjoy the HD resolution type as long as you have this function on your TV and an internet connection that exceeds 5 MB speed.

How to watch Netflix on your PS console

Netflix is ​​currently available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation Vita .

In order to connect your PlayStation to your Netflix account the first thing you must do is be connected to PlayStation Network. Now on the home screen of your console you must go to the TV and video section and select the Netflix icon, click download and the application will begin to download on your console.

If you cannot find the Netflix application in the TV and video section, you must go directly to the PlayStation Store> Applications> Movies / Series> Netflix and download it. At the end of the download, open the Netflix application and you must log in by entering your email and its respective password. These instructions are the same for PS3, PS4 and PS Pro.

watch netflix on ps console


For PS Vita you must take into account that the Netflix application is only available in the United States, Canada and Latin America. In order to access this tool, you must first locate yourself on the home screen of your console, go to the PlayStation Store and search for the Netflix application, select Netflix for PS Vita, and then click download. Once the download is complete, the installation of Netflix on your console is done automatically. Finally open the Netflix app and log in with your Netflix email and password.

After these simple steps your PS devices will be connected to your Netflix account ready for you to enjoy and there will be no need to use the application directly from your smart TV equipment.

How to watch Netflix on your Xbox console

Netflix is ​​available for Xbox . Whether you have an Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X, you can install this application easily, quickly and efficiently. You should know that before starting to download and install the Netflix application, you must be subscribed, contracting this service, to the application through a membership.

If you have an Xbox console and you want to watch Netflix on it, the first thing you need to do is log in to your Xbox live account and then you must follow the next steps.

how to watch netflix on playstation and xbox console

For the different Xbox consoles the instructions are the same. The first thing you should do, already being on the home page of your Xbox, is to go to the Xbox app store located on the right side of your screen. Then look for the Applications section and select the Netflix application, you must click Install and the download will start automatically

At the end of the download, select the Netflix icon again and log in, entering your required email and password. With these simple steps Netflix is ​​already properly installed on your Xbox console ready to be used.

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