August 5, 2020

Download Samsung Notes for Android

Surely you have found yourself in a situation where you quickly needed to take note of an event, an address, a reminder, graphically show an idea or simply draw lines that appear in your head.

Just when you need that pencil and paper that will help you with all that information, you lose the opportunity for not having the tools at hand and you end up trusting your “photographic memory”, which is not good at all.

Finally all you have left is to be able to remember it later or wait for that moment of inspiration to reappear. Well, this time we present Samsung Notes , the application that offers you the ease of having at your fingertips and in a practical way those tools just when you need it.

If you are one of those who has Samsung Galaxy devices … you will love this application.

Download free Samsung Notes for Android

Samsung Notes is an original Samsung application that was developed and thought for its community in order to create an interface that would give a distinctive stamp to this line of devices. In fact, the equipment for which it was designed has a touch pen to make use of it and get the most out of it.

But if you are one of those who do not have one of them, do not worry, in the same way you can enjoy this application in your own way and here we will say how. This application has a wide repertoire of functions to create and share elements of text, writing, drawing, images and even sound .

It is ideal for a person traveling through the business world or for a passionate drawing artist who likes to capture their ideas at all times. In Samsung Notes, you can play around and experiment with different aspects, such as choosing a variety of tones within the color palette, adjusting the size at the tip of the pencil or brush, styling strokes and shapes, selecting different fonts and writing styles, or editing images, to name just a few of the hundreds of features it contains.

This application has a dynamic, intuitive operation and it is quite easy to adapt to the variety of functions as it is a very versatile tool.

You also have the option to create different folders to organize the information you are storing, block notes for your privacy and the possibility of sharing and showing off through an exclusive network of Samsung users, called PENUP, all your artistic works that they will surely love.

How to install Samsung Notes for Android

For those who enjoy Samsung line equipment, all they have to do is download the application from the Play Store and it will install automatically. For those who do not have devices of that brand, they must run the Apk file, which can be obtained through alternative app stores such as Apk Mirror or Uptodown.

It is possible that a message appears warning of the possible danger for the installation of external Apk files to official stores. But do not worry through the stores mentioned above it is quite safe.

How to install the Samsung Notes APK for Android

As it is an application outside the domain of the Play Store for those who do not have a Samsung device, it is necessary to make the Apk file manually through other app store platforms and run it on your device once it is downloaded.

Remember that you must allow the installation of unofficial Apk files by activating the “Unknown sources” option found in the security section in the settings section on our Android devices.

On newer Android devices, the same route is followed, unlike you will have to allow the download and installation of each application specifically for each of the programs that want to run the file.

Samsung Notes for Android data sheet

  • Size: 26.51 MB
  • Available for Android
  • Requires Android 5.0 or higher
  • License: Free
  • Languages: Available in 40 languages
  • Application: APK
  • Developed By: Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.

Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Notes for Android

One of the advantages in this tool is presented for those who have Samsung devices and its touch pen accessory that comes together with some equipment, since it allows greater comfort in use.

One of the disadvantages is that it is only available from Android 5 and although there are previous versions, the app store only shows you until version 2.0.

Although it can be used with the fingers, the sensitivity of using a touch pen is much better when making drawings in greater detail or to want to be more aesthetic in writing.

Unfortunately, there has been some discontent among Samsung Notes users due to a new update in the application, since on different platforms they have expressed their displeasure at the loss of notes and documents within the application. Problems that we hope will be resolved soon.

How to download Samsung Notes for Android

If you do not have a Samsung device, unfortunately you will not find this application within the Play Store. This is because it was initially a tool designed for Galaxy teams.

But if you still want to get the application you can make use of other app store platforms such as Uptodown or APK mirror.

For those who have Samsung equipment, they can obtain it by typing the name of the application directly from the search bar of the Play Store and proceed with the download.

samsung notes download

Download Samsung Notes latest version for Android

So far the latest version is and it is available for direct download from the Play store for users with Samsung devices.

For any other device that has an Android operating system, it can be purchased through other app store platforms such as Uptodown.

Free alternatives to Samsung Notes for Android

Although in principle Samsung Notes is aimed at a particular sector and designed to work on such devices, there is a wide variety of applications of the same type that will give you an excellent alternative.

The only thing that will change is a matter of comfort and styles, but where most offer practically the same functions such as Google Keep, an official Google application or Evernote.

samsung notes download

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