August 5, 2020

Download Forza Street for Windows

If you are a passionate lover of cars, street racing and enjoy tuning each one in your own style, then this game is made for you. This time we present Forza Street , the popular car game that has been growing in recent years and that initially came out for the XBox console.

Forza Street comes to the PC and in it you will have different weekly events and different race modalities where you can test each of your car designs or win one of the most coveted. You’ll be able to challenge more experienced drivers as you upgrade your cars, earn power-ups, special cards, and reputation points. Download the game and measure yourself against the best.

Download Forza Street for Windows free

The cars can be found divided by class in different colors that represent sports cars, powerful, street or higher. Within the classes there are categories such as classic, modern or retro.

The game offers limited time competitions to win different prizes and these are updated after several days . You can also participate in different kinds of challenges to be able to get the best cars and win improvements that will eventually help you challenge the fastest ones. As in any game of this type, you can accumulate special cards, money or coins that will allow you to compare items and cars that will enrich your garage.

Free Download

Both you and the car will go up the category as you gain experience in the races or get the necessary parts to modify any of your cars. Finally you do not have complete control over the direction of the car since they have predetermined movements to take turns during the race, but you will be able to enjoy the different camera angles that the game provides you with which you can admire your car while running and winning a competition, a cinematic career style.

How to install Forza Street for Windows for free

As it is a Free-to-Play game, you simply need to download the game from the official Microsoft app store site and it will install automatically once the download is complete.

Forza Street for Windows Data Sheet

  • License: free
  • Available for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Requires Windows 10 (64-bit) and 4 GB of RAM
  • File size: 3.8 GB
  • File type: ISO
  • Languages: 15 languages ​​including Spanish
  • Developed By: Turn 10 Studios
  • Posted by: XBox Game Studios

Advantages and disadvantages of Forza Street for Windows

As an advantage of Forza Street we can hide its graphics and the wide repertoire of cars that it has, in addition to the cinematic in the races. We can also highlight the game as the first one that takes place on the streets since its previous titles had been track and rally.

One of the disadvantages is the linearity of the game, the little freedom of movement and the simplicity of its controls. Although it is not a racing game that we get used to, it has a good design in its models. On the other hand, it requires many system resources for the game it represents.

How to download Forza Street for Windows for Windows

The version of this game can be obtained directly through the Microsoft Store app for being a “free-to-play” type game. All you have to do is put the name of the game in the search bar, give it enter and press the download option.

Download Forza Street latest version for Windows

The latest version of the game is 24.0.1 available in the Microsoft store , in its latest update new cars and improvements were added in the competition events.

Free alternatives to Forza Street for Windows

One of the alternatives that Ghost Games brings to you, and that surely you have already heard is Need for Speed , one of the most popular games, which in addition to having excellent graphics offers you unique customization for your car, police chase and unmatched racing action packed.

Another good option that Codemasterd brings to you is DiRT 4 , with races in Rally, Rallycross and Landrush.

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