Apple introduces the revised iPad Pro with ultra-wide-angle camera

No iPhone, but new iPad Pro models and a MacBook Air: Apple presented four new iPads on Wednesday, which should be faster thanks to a new chip.

In addition, the new iPads are to have a newly developed ultra-wide-angle camera and scan technology for augmented reality.

Two years after the last major product offensive in the tablet computer market, Apple presented four new iPad models on Wednesday. The new iPad Pro are equipped with a faster A12Z Bionic Chip. Above all, augmented reality (AR) applications should benefit from the better hardware equipment, which also includes a newly developed ultra-wide-angle camera and a new type of lidar scanner. With AR, virtual content is shown mixed with the real environment on a display. Self-driving cars, for example, use lidar scanners to scan their surroundings.

Lidar is a technology related to radar. Instead of radio waves, a 3D scanner sends out laser pulses that cannot be detected by the human eye. When they hit objects, they are reflected. This enables AR applications to precisely record dimensions in a room, including the objects located there. In a video demonstration, a manager of the  furniture store Ikea demonstrated how exactly living spaces can be recorded and equipped with virtual furniture and furnishings.

Apple has further developed the iPad’s camera

The Pro camera system of the iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera for taking photos and 4K video and now includes a ten-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera for double zooming out and capturing a much larger field of view.

The new iPad generation should actually be announced at an event in California. Against the background of travel and meeting restrictions due to the coronavirus crisis, Apple then switched to an announcement on the Internet.

iPad models in future with a new keyboard

According to experts, Apple is expanding its leadership in the upper market segment with the new iPad models. With the cheaper tablet computers, on the other hand, models from Amazon, Samsung, Lenovo and other manufacturers also play a role, which usually rely on the Google Android operating system.

In future, the new Apple models can also be operated like a laptop. The company has presented a new keyboard for the iPad Pro models, in which a trackpad is also integrated. Until now, Apple had kept its distance from using a mouse or trackpad on the iPad. The new iPads are available in four models, with an 11-inch screen or with a 12.9-inch display – and either only with WiFi connection option or with cellular network (LTE). The devices cost between just under 880 euros and just under 1270 euros. Despite the adverse circumstances, they should be available in stores with weeks of reduced capacity in the production facilities in China from next week. However, the Apple stores are currently temporarily closed due to the coronavirus crisis.

MacBook Air also revised

At the virtual event, Apple also presented an improved version of its MacBook Air laptop . Apple has also redesigned the Macbook Air. Intel’s 10th generation Core-i processors now work in the 13-inch notebook, including quad-core CPUs, and the minimum memory configuration has been doubled to 256 gigabytes (GB). In addition, a keyboard with a scissor mechanism is now used in the computers. It replaces the particularly flat butterfly keyboards that caused problems for many users. The prices for the new Macbook Air, available in gold , silver and gray, start at 1200 euros.

Prices and availability of the new iPad models

  • The new iPad Pro is available now on  and the Apple Store app in 30 countries and regions, including the United States. According to Apple, the iPad Pro will be available in stores from next week.
  • The 11 “iPad Pro starts at 879 euros for the Wi-Fi model and 1,049 euros for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model, and the 12.9” iPad Pro starts at 1,099 euros for the Wi-Fi model and € 1,269 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model available on .

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