5 ways to do everything today and save time for tomorrow

We can’t do everything in one day. We are always wasting time on distractions.

Every day, we are given the same amount of time, but our daily results are different due to priorities and what we choose to do with our time.

Have you been making the most of your time? Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today: check out five tips to make your day pay off.

1 | Rethink your daily routine

Find and eliminate all factors that waste your precious time. Start tracking how you use the hours of your day.

Please note: each time you get distracted by something, it will take you 23 minutes to refocus on your tasks. This is a huge waste of time.

Therefore, before you start working, you should minimize any possibility of distraction. Clean up your work area, turn on “Do Not Disturb” and respond to all messages before you stick your head at work.

2 | Find the moment of your peak productivity

Do you know what time of day your productivity is at its peak?

For most people, peak productivity is highest from 8 am to noon. In addition, those who wake up earlier are less likely to procrastinate.

Set your own schedule, considering what time of day you are most active.All the most difficult tasks that require one hundred percent concentration must be performed when your energy is at the top.

That way, you’ll get more for less.

3 | Make the most of your time

Consider time not as a given, but as a resource that you invest.

Optimizing your time will save resources and efforts, giving you more free time the next day. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Plan. Decide what needs to be done today and what to expect. Try to organize your schedule so that you work less, but focus only on the most important tasks.
  • Automate. Let your computer, smartphone and internet services do everything they can for you. Do you spend a lot of time on email? Configure filters . Do you fill in many identical electronic forms? Assign this to a special mechanism in the browser or password manager. Use services to automate everything, as with IFTTT . All of this will free up a lot of valuable time.
  • To delegate. If you can’t automate a task, assign it to assistants, colleagues, or even outsource it. Don’t try to do everything yourself. This will allow you to focus on really important things that only you can do.
  • Use the calendar. The best way to organize work is to save all tasks in the calendar. It provides a more visual representation of time than common task lists.

Use all of the above to save a few hours a day. It will be as if you have an extra day in the week.

4 | Limit your working hours

Review your routine. If you work more than eight hours a day, limit yourself to six hours and try to complete tasks during that time.

 The work expands in order to fill the time available for its accomplishment. – Cyril Northcote Parkinson

When setting a limit, you will be forced to focus on the most important tasks. Set priorities and work more efficiently with less time.
Thus, you will be able to do everything and you will be able to free up time to relax and prepare better for tomorrow.

5 | Refuse unimportant matters

We spend a lot of time on unimportant things: for example, endless calls from colleagues or meaningless meetings that could just be an email.

If you receive a large number of demands per day, you will need to learn to select and focus only on priority ones.Learn to say no. Many of us are uncomfortable saying no to others, because we don’t want to disappoint them.

So, use lighter forms of refusal: for example, you can tell your interlocutor that you just don’t have enough time to devote to his task, with the attention you deserve and he will probably understand you. 15 Minute Manifestation

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